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Experiences of healthcare in the perinatal period when facing child protection – a systematic review and critical interpretative synthesis

Pregnancy and the postnatal period are times of transition and anticipation and for women with social risk factors, child protection services may become involved which might complicate their interactions with healthcare providers. This aim of this study was to systematically review and synthesise existing qualitative evidence of healthcare experiences during the perinatal period when facing […]

Your wellbeing app

The Wellbeing App provides colleagues support that can be accessed easily and remotely, This app aims to promote positive support, give colleagues a feeling of empowerment and belonging in order to retain the skilled staff we are losing through stress and burnout.

A team-based approach to dismantle systemic barriers, unlearn racism and embrace race equity

Institutions and society are inherently interwoven with Eurocentric ideologies, rendering marginalised groups to face inequalities and ultimately face poorer outcomes. The aim of the study was to explore and gain an understanding of midwifery educators’ perceptions and understanding of race and racism in the classroom and examine how adoption of culturally responsive pedagogy might provide […]


The project involved developing a method of collecting information regarding a person’s pronoun and preferential choices to improve patient experience when accessing maternity services.

Autism awareness: Supporting autistic people accessing maternity services

The aim was to produce an educational poster aimed at healthcare professionals (HCP’sto highlight the additional challenges that autistic women may face when accessing maternity services, and reasonable practicable adjustments that maternity staff can take to improve their experience and outcomes.

Women’s and healthcare professionals’ perspectives on health research opportunities during the postnatal period – findings from the North East and North Cumbria (NENC) Postnatal Contraception (PoCo) study

The aim of the PoCo study was to explore women’s and healthcare professionals’ experiences of receiving and delivering postnatal contraception care in the NENC Integrated Care System. An additional objective was to consider how access to health research opportunities during the postnatal period might be better facilitated and expanded for both birthing parents and healthcare […]

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