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Transforming maternity triage

In 2021 the Maternity Unit underwent a CQC inspection.  One of the services which the CQC felt required improvement was the Maternity Triage department. The lead midwives and obstetrician for triage led the change from the front, developing training videos for all midwives, core triage midwives and obstetricians. In the last 18 months, the team […]

The second report on the Early Notification Scheme – NHS Resolution

The EN Scheme is a cornerstone of NHS Resolution’s strategy to improve claims resolution and support learning after harm. The scheme contributes to the National Maternity Safety Ambition to achieve a 50% reduction in stillbirth, maternal mortality, neonatal mortality, and serious brain injury by 2025.

Reproductive health and childbirth national research champions group

A group of midwives from across the Clinical Research Networks in England and the Devolved Nations involved in Reproductive Health and Childbirth research delivery.  We provide help to individuals, universities and NHS trusts planning or delivering RH&C research locally and nationally.  We help trusts with study set-up and the research and development approvals process and  […]

Newborn heart murmurs at Musgrove Park hospital 2018-2022

Newborn heart murmurs are detected during the routine newborn and infant physical examination. The rates of heart murmurs recorded in the literature vary from 0.6-8.6% (Yoon et al., 2020). The same systematic review suggests that around 37% of these babies have congenital heart disease. The number of heart murmurs at Musgrove Park Hospital (MPH) remained […]

Enhancing opportunities in education: Novel approaches to research activities for student midwives’ a case study at King’s College London

As a research-active midwifery teaching department with extensive clinical research delivery and academic experience, embedding research throughout the student journey is an integral part of our roles and Faculty aspirations. Beyond an evidence-based curriculum and teaching research methods, we have sought to engage students with research activities during their programme.

Coaching models to support pre-registration midwifery education in clinical practice

To undertake a national scoping exercise to explore the use of coaching models to support pre-registration midwifery education, how they can be developed and implemented in practice with the aim of providing a practice learning environment for students to benefit from peer supported learning, underpinned by high-quality coaching and supervision.

Finding an alternative to ethyl chloride spray

This QI project resulted from trying to find an alternative to ethyl chloride spray which is used in the assessment of epidural blocks. The aim was to save money and reduce our environmental impact

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